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Anger Management Information

Anger Management assessment

Before taking anger management, each patient is interviewed by a therapist specifically trained in anger management for approximately 30 minutes. It is considered a forensic examination usually used to determine if an individual has issues with anger. Also, it determines the appropriate level of care/treatment, if any, for that individual.

Cost: $35 Due at time of service.
Insurance: Will not cover this service.



Anger Management

We offer group or individual classes with opportunities to learn new life skills, improve communication, and increase personal potential. Individual sessions are available only when there are not enough people to be considered a 'group', and in such case our therapist will offer individual sessions.

Before group begins all participants are required to have a
30 minute Anger Management Assessment, cost is $35 due at time of service.

Topics include, but not limited to:
~ Physiology
~ Communication
~ Anger and family
~ What is anger, good or bad?
~ Feelings, Accepting emotions
~ Understanding angry behavior
~ Anger styles

For certificate of completion attendace at all sessions is required.

Individual Cost: $30 per session for 8 sessions. Total $240 plus cost of assessment.
Individual Insurance: Sessions may be covered by insurance or are available on a sliding fee scale with proper paperwork.
Group Cost: $20 per weekly session for 10 weeks. Total $200 plus cost of assessment.
Group Insurance: Will not cover this service.









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