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Divers License Evaluation Information


Drivers License Evaulations for the State of Michigan

Required at time of appointment

Copy of driving record (costs about $7.00 and takes about a week to get once ordered through the Secretary of State)
Letters of Referece
3-6 (Specific format for lettters of reference listed on state web site)
Deocumentation of "AA" attendance if any
List of any medications you are taking
Evaulation includes 10 panel urinalysis drug screen.
A pictuer ID is require. This is done the same day as testing.

Must be prepared to pay $275.00 at time of appointment.


Driving record may be ordered from this website
Written report will be forwarded approximately 10 days after your evaluation.

Department of Transportation Evaluations

Are only recognized by the DOT when done by a qualified SAP. Living Well Professional Services is equipped to offer this service.
Marc Perry is our DOT qualified Substance Abuse Professional. Internationally certified advanced
alcohol and drug counselor, certified addictions councelor, and reciprocal master of arts.






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