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Living Well Professional Services LLC.


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    ~~JUNE 2005~~                

Our goal here at Living Well Professional Services is to assist the members of our community in finding livable solutions to the challenges encountered in life.  We offer timely access to appropriate Mental Health or Substance Abuse counseling with a focus on education and prevention.


You don’t have to be Court Ordered to address Anger Issues                              Adult Anger Class Monday Evening


Assessment Required Prior to Class Attendance

Next Series of Classes to begin

JULY 11TH, 2005

*Better Living Without Chemistry*

Substance Abuse Groups/Individual Counseling/Call for Info


Drivers License Evaluations For the State of Michigan


Summer Days/Stress Free Days

* Exercise       *Watch the World go by    *Blow Bubbles

*Hold hands with your children

*Color on the sidewalk    *Turn off the TV and Talk


**  Remember to support your favorite candidate for Mr. Owosso many Charities in our area are supported in part by the monies raised through this function every year.                   **


If your office will be closed for the summer please let us know. We will discontinue the newsletter over the summer months. Please call the number above or fax your request.

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