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Substance Abuse Information

Substance Abuse Assessments

This is approximately a 2 hour process which includes a thorough clinical interview by a therapist specifically trained in substance abuse. It is considered a forensic examination usually used to determine if an individual has issues with alcohol or other drugs. Also it determines the appropriate level of care/ treatment, if any, for that individual.

Cost: $185 Due at time of service.
Insurance: Will not cover this service.


Adult Substance Abuse Group

Topics for Discussion:
Impaired thinking
Personal ritual of use
How do deal with stress
Belief system on alcohol and other drugs

Substance Abuse Group requires a Substance Abuse Assessment, cost is $185 due at time of service.
This group runs a total of 8 weeks at $25.00 per weekly session.

For a certificate of completeion, attendace at all sessions is required.

Out Patient Substance Abuse Tx

This is available on an individual or group basis. A substance abuse assessment is required prior to beginning Tx to ensure that out patient care is the appropriate level of Tx for any given individual.

Individual Cost: Please contact us.
Individual Insurance: Some insurances will cover, please contact us.
Group Cost: $25 per week for 8 weeks. Total $120 plus cost of assessment.
Group Insurance: Will not cover this service.








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